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Foto de Yosuan CrespoYosuan Crespo is a bilingual English-Spanish Computer Science Engineer experienced in QA, PM, BA and PO roles. He has also been devoted to entrepreneurship, startups development, crypto technology, Web3 projects, blockchains, Artificial Intelligence (AI), business development, search for investors, sale of different products and team leadership.

Enjoys finding his way through challenging circumstances and being a problem-solver. What he likes the most isn´t just creating something but enjoying the whole process. His effective communication skills in both English and Spanish have ensured to keep a warm and fluent treatment with all the stakeholders.

A results-oriented, high-energy professional and entrepreneur. He is always looking for new opportunities to undertake projects and businesses. He has been motivated to collaborate with companies he has worked for and contribute to their success and growth in a win-win long-term relationship. 

He owns an American LLC for providing his professional services, making it possible to sign a B2B contract for collaboration.

Yosuan Crespo studied Computer Science Engineering, which has helped him to develop software and lead software development teams in several fields like commercial websites and computer applications for managing Medical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology Information. Acquired computer skills have always been an important complement in every undertaken project.

He has worked with TDD, BDD, Scrum, Kanban, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Maven, Python, React, HTML, CSS, PHP, Swift, MySQL, Oracle, .NET, C, C#, C++, Node.js, Visual Studio Code, AWS, GitLab, Git, GitHub, Jenkins, CircleCI, Cypress, Selenium, Playwright, BrowserStack, Appium, Postman, Insomnia, JUnit, TestNG, Allure, REST Assured, RESTful API, REST, XML, SOAP, Jira, Confluence, TestProject, Gatling, JMeter, Kibana, Grafana, Xcode, Sourcetree, Datadog, Figma, Contentful, WordPress, Drupal, Apache, Mixpanel, Firebase, AppsFlyer, iOS, MacOS, Linux, Windows, Google Data Studio, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Notion, ClickUp and Slack.      

He is experienced in creating and executing test cases, Unit testing, API testing, automation testing, E2E testing, regression testing, smoke testing, integration testing, exploratory testing, cross-functional testing (performance, scalability, availability, security, compatibility, usability), User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and A/B testing.

Some projects he has worked on:






Among his certifications, there are a C2 English Certificate and a Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate.

Has acquired a vast experience in sales of diverse products to customers from several countries like gold, diamonds, oil, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, manganese, iron, aluminum, copper, coal, lands with minerals, among other products. He is also experienced in the search for investors for several projects including those related to real estate, renewable energy and energy generation from other sources.

He has worked in foreign countries where learned significant customs related to the quality of services provided, dealing with customers and the importance of collaboration with other people or companies.

The creation and management of a real estate agency in Cuba turned out to be one of the businesses that helped him gain experience in terms of business management, sales, marketing, advertising, branding, market research, negotiations, team leadership, selection and training of human resources, prospecting new customers and customer service. It was a major challenge, especially because of the unique and emerging Cuban real estate market, since there were only licenses for advertising sales, rentals and exchanges of properties until September 2013, when legal framework changed and the business became one of the first real estate agencies in Cuba. Some news about the work done:

Cuba’s Real Estate Market Grows Despite Hurdles

As Communist Cuba Reforms, Capitalism Slowly Takes Hold of Its Real Estate Market

El mercado inmobiliario en Cuba (in Spanish)

Segundo Encuentro Social de Desarrolladores (in Spanish)

He taught English to university students where gained teaching experience and improved oral and written communication skills in this language.

He wrote the book “Informatics applied to the information management of patients with intellectual disabilities” published in February 2019 by Editorial Académica Española with ISBN number 978-613-9-40462-9.

He has attended 47 courses in various subjects such as: Business Management Fundamentals, Understanding Financial Reports, Investment Decisions, Businesses creation for entrepreneurs, Harvard Business Review on Innovation, Negotiation Methods and Recruitment Management, Integrated Project Management, Projects Management in organizations, Costs Management, Processes Management, Quality Management, Human Resources Management, Scope and Time Management, Advertising in Computer Projects, Web Usability, Web Security, WordPress Security, SEO Techniques, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking Fundamentals, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Networks for Businesses, Social Networks Strategy and Communications, Introduction to Google Analytics, Introduction to Google AdWords, Scientific Talent and English Communicative Skills Development for Professionals.

He has 23 scientific publications in diverse workshops, journals, conferences, symposia and scientific events like those in: the Cuban Journal of Medical Informatics, the Applied Computer Workshop in the Scientific Convention of Engineering and Architecture and the International Congress of Health Informatics.

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