Who can buy properties in Cuba?

On November 2, 2011 was published Decree-Law 288 in the Official Gazette, which modified the “General Housing Law”, authorizing Cuban citizens and permanent resident foreigners to sell their homes in Cuba through an official contract signed in front of a notary.

These changes led to a boom in the number of transactions, because from that moment on the owners could place their homes for sale in Cuba. Such sales not only launched legal proceedings of almost all notary´s offices in the country, but began to emerge many questions of national and foreign citizens, who were interested in buying a property in Cuba.

Currently there are 3 legal statuses by which a person can buy a private house in Cuba:
– Cuban citizens residing on the island
– Cuban citizens with foreign residence permit (in Spanish PRE)
Foreigners with permanent residence in the country

It is important to clarify that a person is only allowed to buy a property as a permanent residence, and if desired, a second property in areas for enjoyment and relaxation like houses on the beach and in the countryside.

Recently, because of the facilities offered by the current regulations for buying and selling properties in Cuba, there has been a rise in the number of Cubans who live abroad and have applied for repatriation to buy a house in Cuba, among some other rights.

There is also the possibility for foreigners to buy properties in Cuba without a Permanent Residence Permit by requesting to be residents in condos run by the government.

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