Realtors in Cuba

For people who have never sold their home in Cuba, the work of buying or selling a property may seem an easy task, but practice shows this thinking may be unrealistic. This activity requires training and certain skills, being necessary to pay close attention to ensure success in all phases of a real estate transaction.

Currently the role of a realtor in Cuba stands out as an effective choice for those who think about placing their houses for sale in Cuba but are unsure of their own ability to bring the issue to the end successfully. Although the official term for this activity in Cuba is “Homes swaps and sales manager”, it refers to work done by real estate agents or realtors in other parts of the world, commonly associated with a real estate agency.

Realtor is a professional specialized in the real estate market, legally qualified to mediate properties´ transactions. His job is to provide contact between owners and buyers offering promotional services and advising throughout the process. For those who plan to sell their house in Cuba, this work is based mainly on promoting the meeting between possible buyers and the house for sale, in addition to providing full advice regarding issues such as property appraisal and home staging. For those wishing to buy a home in Cuba, realtor helps them finding the property that meets their requirements, and offer advice on fluctuations in the market price, characteristics of the area where the property is located, among others.

Realtors´ work requires a lot of experience and training to manage the property and customer expectations. Any real estate negotiation requires responsibility so choosing a good realtor is essential and can make the difference between a quiet transaction or a complicated one.

To understand the importance of what realtors in Cuba do let´s see the advantages offered by this activity:

  • Property appraisal

As an expert in the real estate market, the realtor is able to assess the property and advise a price based on elements like location, building status, price of other similar properties and supply-demand behavior at the moment. His research aims to reach the best cost-benefit ratio to propose a fair asking price.

  • Promotion

Realtor will be responsible to spread property marketing in an effective and comprehensive manner. He´ll use a variety of available methods such as for sale signs hanging in front of the property, posting ads on real estate portals and classified websites among other forms of promotion. This way realtor will try to increase the number of people interested in the property, filtering the real potential buyers and always striving to decrease waiting time to complete the transaction.

  • Proposals study

When selling a property it is common to receive many proposals with different offered prices and some of them may seem like can´t be refused. Problem is the lack of experience and knowledge can prevent seller to concrete sales adequately, since the sale of a property is not a common transaction we do every day. With the advice provided by a good realtor, proposals can be assessed quickly and efficiently, because realtors take care of negotiations assessing prices, looking for better opportunities and even distinguishing real proposals from mere speculations. Besides, the realtor will try to find the real financial situation of the buyer with the aim of ensuring the security in the transaction.

  • Paperwork

For completing the transaction, realtor will accompany buyer and seller throughout all the legal paperwork to do. He´ll explain which documents are required for the sale of a house as well as the entities that issue them and the steps to follow so property transaction comes to a happy ending. This way both buyer and seller will avoid unnecessary headaches and gain time.

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