Foreigners with permanent residence can buy private properties in Cuba

Permanent Residents classification is granted to all foreigners and people without citizenship which are allowed to establish residence in Cuba. In this way they acquire the same rights and duties of a Cuban national.

Foreign citizens with permanent residence can buy a property in Cuba on equal terms like a Cuban citizen. To apply for Permanent Residence in Cuba foreigners should go to Cuban Consular Section in their home country or may be done by their relatives with the Cuban Immigration Authorities.

Foreigners who marry a Cuban citizen can become Permanent Residents in Cuba.

As set out in Chapter III, Article 34 of the Republic of Cuba Constitution, foreign citizens residing in Cuba are equal to Cuban citizens:

– in the protection of their persons and possessions;
– in the enjoyment of rights and fulfillment of duties recognized in this Constitution, under the conditions and within the limits established by law;
– in the obligation to observe the Constitution and law;
– in the obligation to contribute to public expenditure in the form and amount established by law;
– in the submission to jurisdiction and decisions of courts and authorities of the Republic.

Thus foreign citizens who want to look for a private property for sale in Cuba, and are permanent residents in the country, can buy any legally.

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